Please help us promote positive Center experiences for everyone by reviewing these guidelines.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Center staff.

  • SAFE | WELCOMING   The Center’s goal is to create a safe, welcoming space for everyone.
  • A safe space is one free from judgment and oppression—and one in which the personal stories and information shared in the space are not shared outside the space without permission.  This includes “outing”, which is the sharing of information regarding the invisible social identities of others.
  • A welcoming space is one in which the layout, signage and people in the space are able to convey an immediate sense of comfort and belonging on the part of new visitors.
  • Each Center visitor is responsible for helping us ensure a clean Center space.  Please dispose of waste and clean up any messes you create.
  • It is considered rude in this space to ask how individuals identify, unless it’s relevant to the context (i.e., an icebreaker question at the beginning of a group discussion specifically about identity).
  • Please identify other visitors the way they chose to be identified--whether it be preferred name, pronouns or social identity.
  • COMMUNITY   This space is for building Community—with a capital “C” because it refers to the LGBTIQA Community.
    • This space is intended to be a safe haven and a place to be yourself.
    • We tell our and listen to each other’s stories in order to learn from our shared and varied experiences.
    • We exhibit pride in our individual and collective identities.
    • We support the education of each other and the campus at large.
  • NEWCOMERS   The Center is particularly focused on welcoming newcomers and helping them find sources of peer support and friendship.
    • Everyone is invited to attend one of our regular programs. The events include icebreaker activities to help Center visitors get to know one another. See the events page for details.
    • The LGBTSS staff is tasked with creating a Center environment that simultaneously supports individuality and community. Creating community and welcoming newcomers sometimes means that self-expression must be limited.
    • Give respect to get respect. Be mindful that the impact of your behavior can be quite different than the intentions you have.
    • Be aware of the impact language can have on the sense of comfort and safety of others.  Profanity, while an emotional release for the speaker, can escalate the level of emotional energy in a space and lessen the sense of peace and calm.
    • Hugs, when welcomed, are encouraged as a gesture of support and caring in our Community’s culture. However, be mindful that excessive and intimate displays of affection can make others uncomfortable—particularly newcomers.
    • Assume good will in order to promote questions and dialogue. New visitors or newcomers to the Community might not be equipped with the best ways to word questions or refer to identities. Be respectful and lenient, and remember that we’re here to learn from each other.

Visitors are encouraged to hold each other accountable for ensuring a safe, welcoming Center space. Center staff will do what we can to monitor the space and address concerns, but peers setting positive examples for each other and speaking up when needed is always the best approach. The space is also a part of the Iowa State University Community, and as such, the policies and procedures on campus apply to this space.  These things include issues related to respect, but also include policies related to academics, safety, and student rights.