Center Expansion & Renovation Project

From the summer of 2010 to March 5, 2019, the Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success resided in 1064 Student Services Building. In the spring of 2019, the Center opened a newly expanded and enhanced space in 3224 Memorial Union. Explore the new space with your New Center Guide below:

Your New Center Guide


The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success has officially moved to 3224 Memorial Union. The Center is located near the parking ramp on the third floor of the south east side of the Memorial Union. Offices located next to the Center are the Interntational Students & Scholars Office and NCORE-ISCORE.

For first time visitors, Center staff encourage folks to locate the Multicultural Center, on the second floor of the Memorial Union by the parking ramp. Take the evevator located next to the entrance to the Multicultural Center and press "3S" which stands for third floor south. The elevator doors will open directly to the Center (3224 Memorial Union).

Third Floor MU Floor Map



The Memorial Union provides visitors to the Center with access to two gender-inclusive restrooms on the third floor (3rd Floor of the Memorial Union by the parking ramp) promptly outside of the entrance to the Center. Additionally, two additional gender-inclusive restrooms are located on the second floor (2nd Floor of the Memorial Union by the parking ramp). Elevator access to the second floor restrooms is available immediately outside of the Center entrance (third floor) and the Multicultural Center (second floor).

The restrooms on the second and third floors of the Memorial Union consist of two, single stall, lockable, gender-inclusive restrooms.



  • The entrance, exit, and office doors in the Center all measure a minimum threshold of 34.5 inches wide
  • A quiet room is now available within the Center to enhance mental health, academic, and faith accessibility
  • Center staff have requested enhanced signage to assist students in locating the Center within the Memorial Union
  • Requested signage immediately outside of the Center will include written text and braille
  • Four elevators can access the third floor
  • Additional accessibility enhances will be communicated as details are confirmed


Staff Offices

Connecting with the staff of the Center is now easier than ever! Center staff offices are now located within the Center space, 3224 Memorial Union.