Lavender Graduation Logo featuring an arm raised with a diploma, all wrapped in a lavender graduation stole with rainbows at the end of each side of the stole

The Lavender Graduation Ceremony is one of the many traditions LGBTIQA+ students, faculty, and staff have created for themselves at Iowa State. Each year, graduating members of the Iowa State lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and ally community are recognized during this special event. Due to an unprecedented situation as a result of COVID-19, this year's Lavender graduates will be honored in a virtual ceremony experience.


23rd Annual Virtual Lavender Graduation Ceremony


Congratulations 2020 Lavender Graduates!


   Amber Rose Davis

   Erissa McGill

   Suzanna Parkins

   Leslie Sutton

   Mary Azelborn

   Gabriel Díaz Capote

   Melody Rosche

   Maya Kirch

   Jose Manuel Perez Gonzalez

   Brady Hubbard

   Sam Bonaime

   Arena Borincana

   Ashlyn Butler

   Kaitlyn Cope

   Trinity Dearborn

   Araceli Lopez

   Ashley MacBeth

   Olly Manning

   Mackenzie Scherff

   Emily Hammer

   Thanh Phan


Lavender Stoles & Pride Boxes

The lavender stole has become a famous symbol associated with Iowa State's lavender graduates. In light of the circumstances of COVID-19 and the virual graduation experience, Center Staff will be reaching out the week after commencement to arrange a safe pathway for each graduate (those recognized publically, and privately) to receieve a Lavender Graduation Pride Box. The Pride Box will contain the famous lavender stole as well as a few surprises from our friends at the Ames Chapter of PFLAG. Graduates, stay tuned to your email for more details!


Cyclone Champions

Each year, graduates have the opportunity to recognize a Cyclone Champion. A Cyclone Champion is a person who has be crucial in the graduate's journey to graduation. Cyclone Champions can be academic advisors, a mentor, a parent, a sibling, a major professor, a friend or roommate, a child, a religious leader, a romantic partner or spouse, etc.

This year, Cyclone Champions are featured within the virtual ceremony video as well as on the Cyclone Champions honors website. Thank you to all our Cyclone Champions and all those who support LGBTQIA+ student success!

Messages from University Leadership


  • Photograph of Dr. Martino Harmon

    Division of Student Affairs

    “Congratulations to the 2020 Lavender Graduates! You have shown courage and resiliency in earning your degree. Your connection to community has fostered an ethic of care at the heart of the Cyclone community. You have inspired all of us and countless other Cyclones to continue to live our truth, follow our passions, and reach for our dreams. We celebrate you and wish you all the best into the future. Be bold. Be you. Be proud. Congratulations!”

         - Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Martino Harmon

  • ...

    Alumni Association

    "Once a Cyclone, always a Cyclone! To our newest Iowa State alumni in the Lavender Graduates/Alumni community, congratulations from Cyclones everywhere! You’ve completed what you started! Be sure to sign up for your free six-month digital alumni membership at Go Cyclones, and you are now, Cyclones for life!"

         - Lora & Russ Talbot ISUAA Endowed President & CEO, Dr. Jeff Johnson

  • ...

    College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

    “My best wishes go to lavender graduates from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and across campus. The unheard-of-conditions of a pandemic, imposed on you and on all of us, this spring semester are yet another example of how you’ve demonstrated your resiliency, let your spirit rise to the challenge, and taken solace in your sense of community. A heartfelt congratulations to all. Take pride in your perseverance to achieve this great success – a degree from this great Iowa State University!”

         - Dean Daniel J. Robison

  • ...

    College of Design

    “With creativity and determination, you achieved incredible levels of success this year. You overcame adversity, confronted the greatest challenge our global society has faced in recent history, and got things done, together. You contested preconceptions, and transformed the experiences and perspectives embedded in our differences into richer and much more relevant interactions – and in the process, you improved our lives. Today, I congratulate the 2020 Iowa State University College of Design lavender graduates and look forward to your future success.”

         - Dean Luis Rico-Gutierrez

  • ...

    College of Engineering

    “I congratulate the 2020 lavender graduates from the College of Engineering – our inspiring leaders who will go on to create solutions that make the world a better place. Our engineering faculty and staff are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. This is your time of celebration – may your next adventure be as great as your time at ISU. We are honored to call you Cyclone Engineers!”

         - Dean Samuel Easterling

  • ...

    College of Human Sciences

    “Graduates from the College of Human Sciences have accomplished much and are prepared to work with individuals, families, education institutions, and communities to expand human potential and improve peoples’ lives. I congratulate the 2020 Iowa State University College of Human Sciences lavender graduates and look forward to their bright future as human scientists.”

         - Dean Laura Jolly

  • ...

    College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

    “Lavender Graduates from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, congratulations! You have made it! We know this was difficult at times, but you faced many challenges and overcame them successfully. Here we are, facing the COVID-19 challenge, and we are creating new ways of celebrating your achievements. We hope that you will take this creativity and spirit of perseverance with you into your future. Congratulations and best wishes, please stay in touch!”

         - Dean Beate Schmittmann

  • ...

    College of Veterinary Medicine

    " Each and every graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine has made a personal commitment to our profession over the past four years. You have met the challenges of earning a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the first veterinary college in the United States. Congratulations to the 2020 lavender graduates – your dream of becoming a veterinarian has become a reality. Thank you for bringing increased diversity to our profession and expanding the impact we can have on both animal and public health. I look forward to working with you as esteemed colleagues in our amazing profession. "

         - Dean Daniel Grooms

  • ...

    Ivy College of Business

    " On behalf of the Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business, I would like to express my sincere congratulations to you as you embark on a new, exciting career. As Ivy lavender graduates, you are prepared to embrace a vibrant career in the global world of business. As a result of the recent pandemic, you have shown strength and resiliency, traits that every leader looks for when hiring new talent. The Ivy faculty, staff, and I are proud of you and your many accomplishments. We wish you all the best!"

         - Dean David Spalding