Health Care


Thielen Student Health Center

Does Thielen Student Health Center see trans and gender non-conforming patients?

Yes. Thielen Student Health Center seeks to be a welcoming, comfortable environment for all students. Health center staff have been working on becoming more knowledgeable about health care needs for trans and gender non-conforming people. Currently, health center staff are prepared to meet general health care needs for trans and gender non-conforming students.

For more information about Thielen Student Health Center, see their website.

Can I start hormones using Thielen Student Health Center services?

At the moment, Thielen Student Health Center cannot initiate hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However, the staff can refer patients to providers in Iowa who can start the process of getting on hormones.

If I already have a prescription for hormones, can I get it refilled at Thielen Student Health Center?

Yes. The pharmacy at Thielen Student Health will refill hormone proscriptions, and the pharmacy makes it a priority to provide students with prescriptions at the lowest cost possible.

I'm nervous about visiting Thielen Student Health Center as a trans or gender non-conforming person, is there anyone I can contact for help?

Students who have questions or concerns about how gender identity or expression might impact their visit at Thielen Student Health Center are encouraged to contact:

Lois Smith, RN, 515-294-5890

Lois will be happy to answer questions about what to expect at the clinic, and to discuss how Thielen staff can assist students to make their visit comfortable and helpful.

Off-Campus and Local Health Care Providers

Where in Iowa can I find medical providers who are knowledgeable about trans health and/or gender transition?

For more information about trans-affirming health care providers in Iowa, you can contact The Center and/or review OneIowa's list of LGBTQ Health Resources.