The Lavender Graduation Celebration is one of the many traditions LGBTIQA+ students, faculty, and staff have created for themselves at Iowa State University and many other institutions across the nation. Each year, graduating members of the Iowa State lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and ally community are recognized during this special event.

Registration for Lavender Graduation Celebration opens in the Spring.

  • Student with Lavender Graduation Celebration Stole, Asexual Flag, and Aromantic Flag. Student is laying on the Iowa State Sign behind the Memorial Union.

    Graduate Registration

    Are you graduating in Spring 24, Summer 24, Fall 24, or Winter 24? 

    We will be announcing registration soon stay updated on our Instagram or our newsletter.

  • Guests talking in the Great Hall at Lavender Graduation Celebration

    Register as an Attendee

    Are you an Iowa State Student planning on supporting a friend, or simply excited to celebrate the graduates of 2024?

    We will be announcing registration soon stay updated on our Instagram or our newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Registration is how we know your name, how to pronounce it, your introduction, who your cyclone champion and campus connection are, and how to prepare your certificate and gifts.

Furthermore we will prioritize ticketed guests over walk-in guests. Please register ahead of time so we can be prepared for you arrival.

Yes. Registered guests will be given a ticket for entry, non-ticketed guests (whether you are accompanied by another guest or not) will be asked to wait at the door until the ceremony begins to fill in empty seats.

We have to prioritize ticketed guests as we may need to accommodate guests with certain access needs, stage access requirements, and other unforeseen needs that staff may need to provide to guest that provide us with the ability to prepare ahead of time.

Anyone! Graduating Cyclones who wish to celebrate with us are welcome to walk the stage, and anyone that would like to celebrate our graduates is welcome to come watch!

The Memorial Union has a parking garage attached to the building with an entrance that provides ADA accessible access to the Great Hall. Unfortunately, Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success Staff will not be able to validate parking at any structures on or off campus. 

Read the following parking map for information about the best place for visitors to park during the event:

Iowa State Parking Map