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Mental Health Resources

The staff at Student Counseling Services (SCS) are committed to being an affirming place for trans and gender non-conforming students. They know that trans people face many challenges and barriers in society, and the transitioning process can be a time of excitement, difficulty, and stress. Many of their counselors have experience providing support and counseling to trans and transitioning students. Their services are confidential and free for all Iowa State Students.

Student Counseling Services counselors have provided letters to begin medical transition many times. Student clients work with their counselor over a period of time to provide information that allows the counselor to write a letter reflecting their professional assessment as well as the client's goals. This process will be a little different for everyone, as it is something the student client an the counselor work on together.

Yes! Student Counseling Services professionals are bound to confidentially by state an federal law and professional codes of ethics. They do not share any information with others (e.g. university offices, parents, family members) without you written permission. Extremely rare exceptions include if there is imminent risk of harm to self or others or court orders for information.

Call Student Counseling Services during their business hours and request to schedule either an in-person appointment or a virtual appointment. 

You will be given some paperwork that you will be expected to complete prior to your initial visit, make sure to have it done ahead of time.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you are welcome to note the pronouns and lived name that you use in the paperwork that is required prior to your initial visit.

You may also communicate this information to your counselor in your consultation, all information you share with your counselor is confidential.

You may need to use your legal name when filing certain paperwork, but you do not need to give them your legal name when requesting an appointment.

If you would prefer to see a counselor in the community rather than at Student Counseling Services we still recommend that you start an initial appointment with Student Counseling Services. Their staff is the most knowledgeable about therapists in the area and they will be able to refer you.

To learn more about mental health providers in the local area, please see Student Counseling Services

Tips for Scheduling an Appointment with a Community Provider

Community Therapy Referral Guide

Yes! Check out the MyState map and filter all-gender restrooms for an interactive map of gender-inclusive restrooms on-campus. Make sure to read the description as some of these restrooms are listed on the map because they have sexual health products and/or menstrual products and may not be all-gender restrooms.

If you know of any gender-inclusive restrooms that are not on the map, or any information about existing gender-inclusive restrooms fill out our new all-gender restroom form to let us know.

Students may either use the restroom aligns with their gender identity or with their sex assigned at birth. Students may use the restroom that makes them feel most comfortable in a given situation. All-gender restrooms are available in many buildings if gendered restrooms make you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason.

State Gym has all-gender changing rooms (rooms 1223A and 1223B on the first floor) which consist of a single stall restroom with a lock on the door, a shower, and ample space for changing. State Gym also has single changing stalls with locks on the doors in the women's locker room;

Just like restrooms, students may either use the locker room/changing room that aligns with their gender identity or with their sex assigned at birth. We encourage students to use whichever locker room/changing room makes them feel most safe and comfortable.

Health Insurance

Coverage for health care services related to medical transition have been expanded under SSHIP, but students will need to consult with Wellmark to determine what is covered and to what extent. Coverage may change depending on in-network and out-of-network providers, specific prescriptions, etc. See the Wellmark Coverage Manual for more information on coverage. 

To find more information about what is covered under your plan please call Wellmark customer service at 1-800-694-4110. Please make sure to have your Wellmark ID available at the time of the call.

If you have any challenges in this process, please contact the SSHIP office. Center staff would also be happy to talk with you about care our students regularly use in Ames.

To learn more about SHIPP before you enroll see the SSHIP website. If you have questions about the plan call the ISU SSHIP customer service number at Wellmark at 1-800-694-4110. Please indicate that you are currently a student at ISU and are considering electing the ISU SSHIP plan for coverage. This will let the customer service associate know which plan to reference to best assist with any questions.

To find out more information about what is covered under your plan please call Wellmark customer service at 1-800-694-4110.Please make sure to have your Wellmark ID available at the time of the call.

No, unless you have a qualifying event. Please refer to the SSHIP website for a list of qualifying events.

For all questions or concerns related to the Iowa State Student and Scholar Insurance Plan, contact SSHIP.

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